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Contact information of IQF broccoli suppliers in Egypt. Egyptian frozen vegetable manufacturers, processors, specialists, importers, traders, packers, wholesalers and distributors of IQF frozen broccoli products.

Production in Egypt of IQF Individually Quick Frozen Broccoli products, whole, bits & pieces, tidbits, mixes, chunks, halves, organic, preparations and purees.


Overview: IQF Vegetables & Fruits. Deluxe is an Egyptian company specialized in processing a high quality Egyptian agricultures products Such as IQF Vegetables & Fruits – French fries potato and in brine products.

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> Deluxe, 20 St Green Towers No. 20, Smouha, Alexandria

EGCT Frozen

Overview: EGCT is a leading supplier and exporter for all kinds of frozen vegetables and fruits from Egypt to worldwide. We are assigning expertise in the line of frozen vegetables and fruits that are strictly selected after careful inspection in order to give our clients the competitive edge necessary to become unique in their market.

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> EGCT Frozen, Alexandria


Overview: GIVREX (Robert Mansour & Co.) is privately owned by the Mansour family in Alexandria, Egypt. GIVREX is specialized since 1978 in the production and export of all types of Egyptian Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, all highly selected and of finest quality.

The GIVREX frozen products are regularly exported to various countries in Europe, Canada, Australia and Arab countries.

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> Givrex, Alexandria

Green Vision, Cairo

Overview: Green Vision is a leading Egyptian company that provides frozen vegetables & fruit and exports to many countries around the globe. Green Vision has launched in 2016 and within a short time it had built a reliable brand in the global market. Our products are exported to Europe, Middle East, US, and looking forward to enter the Far East market.

Green Vision offers a wide range and a various selection of products – in terms of varieties and sizes of products (Strawberry, Mixture vegetables, Artichokes, etc.) with a superior quality adapted to international standards.

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> Green Vision, Cairo

Healthy Egypt For Export & Commercial Agencies, Alexandria, Egypt

Overview: Healthy Egypt is a young processor and producer of IQF frozen fruits and frozen vegetables. Healthy Egypt supplies growing markets around the world with high quality fruits and vegetables.

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> Healthy Egypt, Alexandria

Real Fresh Agriculture

Overview: Frozen Fruit and Vegetables. We are distinguished by being the most exporter of frozen agriculture products, Established in 2007 our factory is highly equipped. We export to the European, American and Arabian market.

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> Real Fresh Agriculture, Smouha, Alexandria

Snow Fresh Egypt

Overview: IQF frozen vegetables and fruits. Specializes in export of vegetables and fruits. Provides partners with the highest quality products in the right time year round, from the most modern state-of-the-art processing plants.

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> Snow Fresh Egypt, Alexandria