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Production in Serbia of IQF Individually Quick Frozen Raspberries, organic, non-organic, natural, field fresh, cultivated, snap frozen, whole, packaged, bits & pieces, tidbits, crumbles, mixes, chunks, diced, halves, purees and preparations. After harvesting, frozen within a few hours to preserve all the natural flavours and nutrition. Longer shelf life. Vitamins, minerals, colour, flavour, form, taste, structure and texture remain intact after defrosting.

Den Juro Organic

Overview Frozen fruit supplier. With over twenty years of experience, Den Juro Organic excelled in all aspects of organic production and is one of the leading producers in the region. Supplying only the purest organic fruit ingredients.

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> Den Juro Organic, Beograd

Miker Produkt d.o.o.

Overview: IQF Frozen Fruit. Miker Produkt is engaged in the production, purchase, processing and storage of fruit. It is imperative for us to have the highest quality of our products, as evidenced by the HACCP and ISO 22000 certificates. Cold storage “Miker produkt” offers its customers frozen fruits of superior quality. Our offer includes raspberries (varieties Meeker and Willamette), blackberries, plums, apples, cherries and currants.

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> Miker Produkt d.o.o., Boturici, Serbia