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On this page you’ll find a list and contact information of IQF strawberry suppliers in Morocco. Moroccan frozen fruit manufacturers, processors, specialists, packers, importers, traders, wholesalers and distributors of IQF Frozen Strawberry Products.

Production in Morocco of IQF Individually Quick Frozen Strawberry products, organic, whole, diced, halves, pieces, purees, packaged, preparations and juice concentrates.

Frigodar S.A.R.L

Overview: IQF frozen fruit. Frigodar is a Spanish-Moroccan company leader in the production of IQF fruits and vegetables for the food industry.

Frigodar offers the maximum level of quality, adapting to customers’ needs and with a confidential and personalized service.

Company Details and Contact Information
> Frigodar S.A.R.L., Kenitra, Morocco