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About Kiantama Ltsd

IQF fruit supplier. Kiantama Ltsd. was founded in 1973 to do picking, processing and supplying of wild berries to the food industry. Kiantama Ltd. has strong experience in versatile berry processing. Kiantama Ltd. is a family owned business operating in Kainuu, close to its raw material sources.

From the very beginning, exports have been the focus of the company, because we have understood the quality of the Finnish berry and its significance for the overall well-being of man, as well as the limited nature of the Finnish market. We have wanted to think big from the beginning. Today, more than half of the company’s production is exported.

The company still operates close to its raw material sources, in the middle of the berry forests of the provence of Kainuu, which have a long and still living tradition of collecting and utilizing wild berries. The company’s core value is summed up in the phrase “responsibly good from nature”. Our passion is berries and our goal is to make people around the world eat more healthy wild berries.

We produce and develop high-quality berry products and raw material for food, health supplement and cosmetics industries. All of our products are available also in organic quality. Since 1973 we have been passionate about carefully processing the hand-picked wild forest berries in our own production plant.

Kiantama Ltsd Frozen Products:

• IQF Frozen Fruit (Bilberry, Lingonberry, Crowberry, Cranberry, Cloudberry, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Sea Buckthorn, Rowanberry)

The delicious IQF frozen berries are made with high quality in order to preserve the looseness, taste and healt features of the berries in the best possible way.


PL 87 Marjatie 1,
89601 Suomussalmi,

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