Maxi-CUBE Highlights PBS Prowess In Brisbane

Maxi-CUBE Highlights PBS Prowess In Brisbane

Refrigerated trailer manufacturer, Maxi-CUBE, displayed its Performance Based Standards (PBS) capabilities at the Brisbane Truck Show in May. After last year delivering the landmark first ever PBS van into Queensland, the brand said it intended to build on the momentum that it had developed in subsequent sales via this year’s biggest industry event.

PBS (Performance Based Standards) are new design standards that allow truck and trailer combinations to be designed to safely carry larger than normal payloads and improve road transport efficiency. While the majority of approvals since the scheme was introduced have been for truck and dog tipper combinations, other transport industry segments are beginning to catch on. One such segment is refrigerated transport.

Maxi-CUBE General Manager, Kevin Manfield, said that the refrigerated trailer brand is beginning to see a notable increase in customer interest in PBS trailers. “While our delivery last year to Fruithaul was the first ever PBS van sold into Queensland, we have sold 60 completed units around the country which stem back a number of years,” he stated. “That number is increasing rapidly, as more trailers hit the road and operators learn of the benefits they can gain.”

PBS trailer for refrigerated transporter Fruithaul
PBS trailer for refrigerated transporter Fruithaul

Those benefits, particularly in the world of PBS vans, come in the form of extra pallet spaces. While a standard trailer contains floor-space for 22 pallets, a van designed under Performance Based Standards can reach 26 or even 28 pallets. “Of course, when you’re stacking to the roof, that means a significant amount of extra load per trip, without the extra expense of a B-Double,” said Kevin.

On display at Brisbane Truck Show was another Maxi-CUBE PBS trailer for Sunshine Coast-based Fruithaul, now their 3rd and similar to the first, a 26 pallet PBS refrigerated van with a payload of 23 tonne. The trailer perfectly highlighted the benefits of the PBS scheme, with a large display along the side showing the evolution of semi-trailer dimensions in Australia, beginning at 37 foot in 1965, making its way to 49 foot in 2004 and now reaching 53 and beyond in present day thanks to PBS.

Kevin says that while the trailer is impressive, he hopes visitors to the show took a lot away from testing out Maxi-CUBE’s PBS knowledge, as well as it high-quality trailers. “The real key to PBS is a thorough understanding of the scheme,” he claimed. “Maxi-CUBE is manufactured by MaxiTRANS, which as a Group has over 72 approved PBS designs – we believe to be the most of any manufacturer. As a result, there are hundreds of MaxiTRANS PBS combinations on Australian roads, giving us the experience in the field to solve just about any customer challenge.”

“Our team were on-hand to answer any questions that the public had about PBS – how it works, the safety aspect and most importantly, how it can help improve profitability.”

“We’re here to offer more than just trailers – we can also offer advice,” Kevin stated. “We’re looking forward to fielding more questions and calls in the coming weeks and months after the show, to further assist operators who are looking to find a way to take their business to the next level.”


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