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McCain Foods Limited is a Canadian multi-national privately owned company, established in 1957 in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada. It is the world’s largest producer of French fries and other oven-ready frozen food products.

McCain products can be found in thousands of restaurants and supermarket freezers in more than 160 countries – one in every three French fries in the world is a McCain fry. In addition to fries, McCain also produces other foods, including snacks, meals and vegetables for both the retail and foodservice industries.

In 1957 Wallace and Harrison McCain, supported by brothers Andrew and Robert, founded McCain Foods Limited in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada. Immersed in agriculture from an early age, it was their father’s search for stability as a grower that led the McCain brothers to the idea of a frozen food company – building factories to process regionally grown crops would increase demand for the raw materials. The knowledge gained in Florenceville with the first factory, and the acquired expertise in agronomy, provided the formula for expansion around the world.

In the early 1900s, Andrew (A.D.) McCain saw an opportunity to expand beyond farming and selling potatoes locally. In 1909 he created McCain Produce, a seed potato export company. His sons Wallace and Harrison McCain wanted their own business and their brother Robert suggested they consider frozen foods.

The company is still privately held by their descendants. McCain Foods Limited has more than 18,000 employees working in 46 factories on six continents around the world and has grown to be a household name – a multi-billion dollar, multinational leader in frozen food products creating thousands of jobs and feeding families around the globe.

McCain is the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products. McCain also offers hundreds of other products, including , appetizers, pizza, vegetables, beverages, ready meals and desserts.

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