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Weuthen Engineering specializes in the engineering and production of food machines. Their main focus is equipment for cooling, freezing, proofing, cooking and pasteurizing. Here they can look back on 30 years of experience.

Weuthen Engineering builds systems at the highest level using exclusively components from well-known suppliers. These include companies such as SEW, Siemens, Danfoss and others. Thanks to a lean company structure, they can offer these facilities at a fair price.

To reduce the installation costs and time, all systems are delivered in so-called modular design. Small and medium sized plants are delivered in one piece, larger ones in 2 or 3 modules. This allows an installation in a few days without production interruptions.

• Package Freezer
• Individual spiral freezer, used for a variety of products, from fish sticks to ice cream boxes.
• IQF tunnel freezer, suitable for loose rolling products, e.g. vegetables, berries or fries. Performance up to 12 tons / hour is possible.
• Steam cooker / pasteurizer
• Spiral proofing systems

Weuthen Engineering GmbH
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