Molloy & Sherry (Eirfreeze) Ltd, Dublin, Ireland

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About Molloy & Sherry

Frozen and Cold Storage. Molloy & Sherry provide premier temperature controlled storage services for an ever-accelerating and growing Irish food industry.


Handling, storing, and shipping of products of the Irish food sector.
• Conventional cold store
• Capacity 10,000 pallet spaces, with options for chilled and frozen goods
• Freezer temperatures at +10°C to -30°C
• Ultra-Low airtemperatures range: -20°C to -30°C for ice cream, novelties, etc.
• Blast Freezing Wind for quickly removing heat from fresh product
• Chamber Freezing and tempering products to customer requirements
• Order Assembly
• Cross Dock / Trans-loading
• Hand-stack Loading / Unloading
• Labeling / Stamping
• Re-Palletizing, Spreader Insertion and Removal
• Slip-Sheet Loading / Unloading
• Stretch Wrapping

Molloy & Sherry also provides transport, throughout Ireland, UK and Europe.


Bond Road,
Alexandra Quay,
Dublin 3

Telephone: +353 (0)1 877 2610