Mooijer-Volendam BV, De Toek 1-3-5, 1131 PA Volendam, The Netherlands

Mooijer-Volendam BV, De Toek 1-3-5, 1131 PA Volendam, The Netherlands

About Mooijer-Volendam BV

Frozen Fish & Seafood Wholesale. Mooijer-Volendam, your partner for fish and frozen foods. Mooijer-Volendam is a fish wholesaler with a wide and varied assortment. Besides our famous specialties as traditionally smoked mackerel, smoked eel and smoked salmon, Mooijer offers a wide range of (Asian) frozen products and fresh fish. All aspects are controlled by Mooijer-Volendam B.V.

At our main location in Volendam our head office, cash and carry, traditional smokehouse, processing department and cold store come together in one building. From this place we deliver our smoked fish and popular frozen products such as shrimps, dim sum products and frozen vegetables to customers all over Europe. Mooijer-Volendam is a strong and flexible supplier for the hotel and catering industry, fish shops, specialised retailers, Asian shops and retailers.

Mooijer-Volendam BV Products:

• IQF Frozen Fish (Anchovy, Argentinian Hake, Asian Swamp Eel, Atlantic Horse Mackerel, Barracuda, Barramundi, Basa, Black Halibut, Black Pomfret, Black Tilapia, Bonito, Bream, Broadhead Sleeper, Bullet Tuna, Butterfish, Caribbean Pomfret, Catfish, Climbing Perch, Conger, Crucian Carp, Daggertooth Pike Conger, Darkband Fusilier, Emperor, Gourami, Grouper, Hake, Indian Mackerel, Kandra Tiki, Kwi Kwi, Lane Snapper, Lizardfish, Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Mekong Catfish, Milkfish, Mudfish, Northern whiting, Panga, Pollock, Red Mullet, Red Seabream, Red Snapper, Red Tilapia, Redtail Scad, Ribbonfish, Saithe, Sardine, Sea Bass, Sea Catfish, Shark, Shortfin Scad, Smelt, Sole, Stingray, Tilapia, Torpedo scad, Tuna, Wahoo, White Sardine, Yellow Catfish, Yellow Croaker, Yellowstripe scad, Yellow Walking Catfish)
• IQF Frozen Seafood (Argentine Red Shrimp, Baby Octopus, Black Tiger Shrimp, Blue Swimmer Crab, Cockle, Crawfish, Crayfish, Cuttlefish, Gamba, Langoustine, Lobster, Makamba Crab, Mussels, Northern Prawn, Octopus, Riceland Prawns, River Crab, Scallops, Seabob shrimps, Snow Crab, Soft Shell Crab, Squid, Vannamei Shrimp, Yellow Clam)


De Toek 1-3-5,
1131 PA Volendam
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)299-399 999
Fax: +31 (0)299-368 995