New Sea ApS, Sdr. Havnevej 24, 9970 Strandby, Denmark

New Sea ApS, Sdr. Havnevej 24, 9970 Strandby, Denmark

About New Sea ApS

IQF Frozen Fish and Seafood. New Sea ApS is a wholesale company which specializes in supply and distribution of a great range of frozen fish products.
From our Danish head office and through our partners in West Africa, South America, Europe and far East we export and import large quantities of frozen fish products. New Sea Aps, is a second generation private owned company based in Denmark, founded on 35 years of experience in the fish industry.
We have a long term experience in fishing, processing and trading.
Today our core business is trading with frozen fish products. We invite you to a relationship build on integrity, trust and experience.

New Sea ApS Products:

• IQF Frozen Fish (Alfonsino, African Red Snapper, Alaska Pollock, Argentina Hake, Atlantic Bonito, Atlantic Bumper, Atlantic Cod, Atlantic Herring, Atlantic Horse Mackerel, Atlantic Mackerel, Atlantic Pomfret, Axillary Seabream, Baltic Herring, Baltic Sprat, Bastard Grunt, Bastard Halibut, Bastard Sole, Bearded Brotula, Benguela Hake, Bigeye Grunt, Black Seabream, Blackbelly Rosefish, Blue Jack Mackerel, Blue Mackerel, Blue Whiting, Bluespotted Seabass, Bluespotted Seabream, Boarfish, Bobo Croaker, Bogue, Bonito, Brown Meagre, Brown Ray, Canary Drum, Capelin, Cassava Croaker, Chub Mackerel, Chilean Jack Mackerel, Common Dentex, Common Sea Bream, Common Two-banded Seabream, European Hake, European Sprat, Flathead Grey Mullet, Frigate Tuna, Gilthead Seabream, Golden Grey Mullet, Golden Redfish, Goldblotch Grouper, Greater Weever, Greenland Halibut, Grouper, Guinean Parrotfish, Horse Mackerel, Jack Mackerel, John Dory, Large-eye Dentex, Largeheaded Hairtail, Leaping African Mullet, Leerfish, Lesser African Threadfin, Madeiran Sardinella, Meagre, Morocco Dentex, Mottled Grouper, North Pacific Hake, Pacific Chub Mackerel, Pacific Hake, Pacific Mackerel, Pacific Sardine, Parrot Grunt, Peruvian Moonfish, Pigsnout Grunt, Piper Gurnard, Red Mullet, Red Pandora, Red Porgy, Red Scorpionfish, Red Sea Bream, Red Snapper, Redbanded Seabream, Ribbonfish, Round Sardinella, Royal Treadfin, Rubberlip Grunt, Sand Eel, Sand Steenbras, Scalebreast Gurnard, Sardinella Aurita, Sea-Trout, Senegalese Hake, Senegalese Sole, Sharpsnout Seabream, Shi Drum, Silver Scabbardfish, Silver Smelt, Silvery John Dory, Skipjack Tuna / Striped Bonito, Slender Rockfish, Snook, Sompat Grunt, Southern Blue Whiting, Southern Hake, Spanish Mackerel, Spotted Seabass, Spotted Sea Catfish, Striped Weakfish, Thinlip Grey Mullet, Tilapia, Tongue Sole, Tub Gurnard, Wedge Sole, West African Goatfish, West African Stargazer, White Croaker, White Grouper, White Seabream, White Skate, White Trevally, Whitespotted Stargazer, Yellow Croaker, Yellowfin Tuna, Zebra Seabream, Zebra Tilefish)
• IQF Frozen Seafood (Antarctic Krill, Argentine Red Shrimp, Argentine Shortfin Squid, Bird Squid, Blue Swimming Crab, Common Squid, Cuttlefish, European Squid, Flying Squid, Octopus, Slipper Lobster, Spiny Lobster)


Isingvej 5B,
9970 Strandby,

Telephone: +45 2680 0616

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