North Star Fishing Co, 2320 W Commodore Way, Seattle, WA 98199, USA

North Star Fishing Co, 2320 W Commodore Way, Seattle, WA 98199, USA

About North Star Fishing Co

Frozen Fish Wholesaler. North Star Fishing Co. U.S. provides seafood products that feed the world. We are an American company actively involved in international business. Our name originates from Chile, our founder is Danish, and we catch, process and freeze fish in the waters off of the coast of Alaska. Our primary seafood products are produced on-board our fleet of catcher-processor vessels, and then further processed in plants in the United States, China, Japan, Korea and Europe; to meet the dietary and cultural needs of people throughout the world.

North Star Fishing Co. is one of the largest producers of frozen at sea flatfish, cod and other groundfish, and distributes seafood throughout the world. We own and manage four trawl catcher-processor vessels that operate in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands and the Gulf of Alaska.

North Star Fishing Co Products:

• IQF Frozen Fish (Yellowfin Sole, Rock Sole, Flathead Sole, Arrowtooth Flounder, Alaska Plaice, Pacific Cod, Pacific Ocean Perch, Alaska Pollock, Rex Sole, Greenland Turbot, Black Cod (Sablefish), Thorny Rockfish (Idiotfish), Red Snapper (Shortraker), Black Snapper (Rougheye), Northern Rockfish, Dusky Rockfish)


2320 W Commodore Way #200,
Seattle, WA 98199,
United States

Telephone: +1 206 298 1200
Fax: +1 206 298 4750