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Transportation of frozen and chilled goods. NTFS, Northern Territory Freight Services, a division of K&S Freighters, offers logistical and warehousing services via the use of rail and road depots located in Adelaide, Darwin and Alice Springs. NTFS is one of the largest rail freight forwarders on this corridor providing transportation of frozen and chilled goods, bulk products, general cargo, liquids and FMCG using a combination of intermodal containers.

Road services are offered on the same corridor via triple road train combinations with the majority of the volume being temperature controlled or bulk liquid product.

The Northern Territory economy is one of the fastest growing in Australia and a market that NTFS are keen to grow in.

The businesses major customers are predominantly in the FMCG sector and include: Coles, Kmart, Parmalat and Lion Nathan.

Storage and Distribution
From Adelaide – South Australia, Northern Territory Freight Services (NTFS) provide unique and extensive road, rail, refrigerated, and general freight services with connecting links to all Australian Capital Cities.

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