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About Pacific Seafood Group

Frozen Fish and Seafood. Founded in 1941 by the Dulcich Family, Pacific Seafood is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing the healthiest protein on the planet. Pacific Seafood manages all parts of the supply chain from harvesting/fishing to processing, and distribution in order to provide customers with fresh, sustainable, high-quality products. Pacific Seafood Group is headquartered in Clackamas, Oregon. We employ more than 3,000 team members across 41 facilities in 11 states.

One of our missions is to provide products to meet all of our customers’ center of the plate protein needs including seafood, beef, pork, and poultry. Some of our most popular items include oysters, Dungeness crab, rockfish, coldwater shrimp, wild salmon, and steelhead. When Pacific Seafood was founded more than 75 years ago our goal was to bring the freshest, highest-quality seafood to our customers. Today our commitment remains unchanged and stronger than ever.

From our humble beginnings, we have grown to employ more than 3,000 team members, across 41 facilities, in 11 states, and many countries. We remain family-owned and operated, and are dedicated to satisfying our customers’ needs profitably by providing the healthiest seafood, and other premium proteins, on the planet. Knowing who harvests our seafood, when they harvest it, and where it’s harvested, is the key to providing the highest-quality seafood to all of our customers. Our unique supply chain capabilities allow us to leverage our expertise in every aspect of the business including harvesting/fishing, processing, distribution, and aquaculture in order to provide our customers with the freshest, most sustainable, highest-quality products on the market.

Pacific Seafood products:

• Frozen Fish (Battered, Gluten Free, Cooked, Peeled, Fillet-Skin Off, Cod, Haddock, Halibut, Fish Sticks, Flounder, Sole, Imitation Crab, Smoked Salmon, Freshwater Shrimp, Dungeness Crab, Jumbo Shrimp, Rockfish, Catfish, Pink Salmon, Swai, Tilapia, Wild Brown Shrimp)

Address Corporate Headquarters:

16797 SE 130th Ave,
Clackamas, OR 97015,
United States

Telephone: +1 503 905 4500