Reinert Logistics fleet equipped with Carrier units

Reinert Logistics fleet equipped with Carrier units

GEORGSMARIENHÜTTE, Germany – The new trailers in Reinert Logistics’s fleet are equipped with Carrier Vector 1950™ MT units to ensure optimal temperature as they deliver fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and frozen goods daily to a large number of large supermarket retail stores in and around Berlin. Carrier Transicold, which operates in Germany as Carrier Transicold Germany, helps improve global transport and shipping temperature controlled cargoes with a complete line of equipment for refrigerated trucks, trailers and containers, and is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

Reinert selected the Vector 1950 MT (multi temperature) units for their high refrigeration capacity attributed to powerful airflow made possible by additional MVS 2200 evaporators, which ensure the appropriate temperature is maintained in every compartment.

Since March 2014, the company has increased its fleet by 50 trailers, all featuring multi-temperature capabilities provided by Vector 1950 MT units. “We have had only good experiences with Carrier Transicold refrigeration units,” said Rene Reinert, director, Reinert Logistics. “Since 2011, we have equipped all of our vehicles with Carrier units.”

Optimized routes

The combination of Vector 1950 MT units and the large MVS 2200 evaporators allows Reinert to optimize delivery routes, and was the right solution according to Marko Petschik, project and branch manager, Reinert Logistics.

“If needed, we can divide the trailer into two or three compartments with various temperatures,” said Petschik.

For example, fresh produce can be loaded first into the rear compartment with a temperature range of -15 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius. Fruits and vegetables can also be stored in the middle compartment, and the frozen goods, which require temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius and below, are stored near the rear cargo doors. The rear compartment is cooled by an additional evaporator to augment airflow.

“The multi-temperature flexibility of these trailers enables our drivers to make fewer delivery journeys,” Petschik said. Reinert Logistics, located in Luebbenau, receives the route planning for the day from the retailer in the afternoon. The transport company will then plan the routes for their allocated 39 stores in and around Berlin and Cottbus. On average, the trailers carry a total of 6,500 to 7,500 pallets per week.

“The energy consumption of the Vector 1950 MT units is outstanding,” added Petschick. “The Vector 1950 MT unit is easy to operate and quieter than its predecessor, with a positive effect on the driver and the communities surrounding our customer’s stores.”

“At Reinert Logistics, we like to say that the customer is king,” added Petschick. “The flexibility and performance of the Vector 1950 MT units contributes to helping us live up to our motto.”

Source: Carrier

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