Seven Seas International, 66 W Flagler St #912, Miami, FL 33130, USA

Seven Seas International, 66 W Flagler St #912, Miami, FL 33130, USA

About Seven Seas International

Seven Seas is born from the diversity from its team, originally composed by its European and Chinese founders. The company maintains its strong financial and logistical ties to its Asian partners. Our main office is located at the heart of the financial world in Manhattan, NY. This highly-transited location provides access to the commercial resources and contacts necessary to thrive in this global industry that has added immeasurable value to our capabilities.

Seven seas started with the import of frozen food into the US and Canada. Since then the company has exported all forms of frozen food to Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and Latin America. We are experts in logistics and marketing; The company continues its expansion through diversification of its product line and the growth of its network.

Seven Seas International products:

• IQF Frozen Fish (Atlantic Herring, Atlantic Salmon, Atlantic Mackerel, Capelin, Chum Salmon, Cod, Haddock, Pacific Hake, Halibut, Ocean Perch, Pacific Salmon, Pink Salmon, Pollock, Red Fish, Sole, Tilapia, Whiting)
• IQF Frozen Seafood (Scallops, Whelk, White Shrimp, Snow Crab)


66 W Flagler St #912,
Miami, FL 33130,
United States

Telephone: +1 347 707 7170
Fax: +1 347 620 9367