SF Logistics Inc., Dorval, Quebec, Canada

SF Logistics Inc., Dorval, Quebec, Canada

About SF Logistics Inc.

Temperature controlled transport and warehousing. A respected name in the transportation industry, SF Logistics offers a wide range of transportation services for shippers looking to move freight within Canada and the US. Whether shipping a single pallet, a full truck or require day to day freight management, our team has the experience to get it done right.

Within North America, we provide all modes of transport, warehousing, distribution and supply chain management services. To ensure success, we measure our performance to established benchmarks, provide detailed reporting and re-visit established objectives on a scheduled basis.

Address Headquarters

1918 St-Regis Blvd.
Dorval, Quebec
H9P 1H6

Telephone: +1 (866) 660-1485
Telephone: +1 (514) 600-1183
Fax: +1 (514)-600-1297

E-mail: info@sflog.ca

Website: www.sflog.ca