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Steak-EZE is a company of AdvancePierre Foods Inc.
Steak-EZE are the tender 100% beef strips served in thousands of restaurants across the country in steak sandwiches and more. Steak-EZE are pre-portioned and cook from frozen in as little as 5 minutes.

Steak-EZE is used by more restaurants than any other Steak Strip product. The company created the category of frozen “BreakAway” steak that thousands of chefs use every day because it’s convenient, tender steak that’s consistently tasty and easy to prepare. You can find the Steak-EZE products in your grocer’s freezer.

Headquarters and facilities
AdvancePierre Foods is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has 10 facilities, two distribution centers and three support centers. AdvancePierre operates three fully cooked protein facilities in Enid, Okla. and West Chester, Ohio; and three raw and partially cooked protein facilities in Enid and Portland, Maine. In addition, the company produces more than a million sandwiches a day at four fully assembled sandwich and integrated bakery facilities in Easley, South Carolina; Amherst, Ohio; Claremont, North Carolina; and Caseyville, Illinois.

AdvancePierre Foods owns several brands. The brands manufacturing frozen food products are: Barber Foods, Fast Fixin’, Pierre and Steak-EZE.

Frozen Products:
• Steak Strips
• Sirloin Beef
• Angus Beef Steaks
• Sirloin Philly Beef Steaks

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