Thermo King Cools DHL Airline Catering Concept Truck

Thermo King Cools DHL Airline Catering Concept Truck

Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, partnered with DHL, a global logistics leader and provided the refrigeration solution for the newly launched DHL ‘Double Decker High-Loader’ concept airline catering vehicle.

Being part of the design project, Thermo King worked closely with Mallaghan, one of the fastest-growing airport ground support equipment manufacturers, who built the body for the DHL concept vehicle. Thermo King UT-1200 unit was selected as the unit that will provide the optimal temperature controlled environment inside the uniquely designed catering truck.

Specifically developed for under-mount applications on trucks and drawbar trailers, the UT-1200 marks the industry’s benchmark in reliability, performance, durability and efficiency featuring low fuel consumption and reduced engine emissions with the Thermo King GreenTech™ engine.

“The unique element of our vehicle’s design is that when in transit, it is under the 4 metre height restriction within the airport. However once engaged with the aircraft, the vehicle’s roof can be raised and the internal lifting deck can be operated,” said Martin Bryce, engineering manager UK and Ireland at DHL. “This enables the truck to achieve 80 percent more payload potential, which should operationally reduce the total number of vehicles necessary further improving the efficiency and carbon footprint reduction for DHL and the airport.”

“The vehicle has been designed to operate within the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and meets all safety and environmental standards set by the Transport for London,” said Steve Williams, area sales manager in the United Kingdom for Thermo King. “We are pleased to be part of this project and to provide solutions that contribute to the significant environmental and operational improvements achieved by DHL”.

To meet the challenging temperature control requirements set by the unique design and ensure good air circulation, Thermo King designed and installed additional fans on the lower deck. Temperature mapping carried out on the upper and lower decks following the build and installation, verified good temperature management in all areas with the ceiling fans ensuring good airflow distribution to complete the cycle.

Source: Thermo King

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