Thermo King Whisper Technology in Musgrave Wholesale Partners Fleet

Thermo King Whisper Technology in Musgrave Wholesale Partners Fleet

Musgrave Wholesale Partners, the market leader in Ireland for multi-temperature food delivery service to the catering sector, chose quiet, efficient and fuel-saving solutions from Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, for its new and modernised refrigerated truck fleet.

Thermo King equipped 50 Musgrave trucks with dual temperature T1000 Spectrum units featuring Whisper™ technology for minimum noise pollution. For additional peace of mind, all the units are covered with a comprehensive maintenance contract through Ballinlough Refrigeration, the Thermo King dealer in Ireland.

Knowing the customer’s requirements, Thermo King worked with Musgrave Wholesale Partners through every step of the modernisation process from body design, to delivery frequency, door openings and unit selection. As a result of comprehensive consultation, Musgrave received a complete refrigeration solution and backup service that met all its particular needs.

“We selected the Thermo King T1000 Spectrum Units along with the maintenance plan from Ballinlough Refrigeration based on careful analysis that showed this solution with all its features, offering the best total lifecycle cost,” said Adrian Hickey, project and transport manager at Musgrave Foodservices. “The cost efficiencies have enabled Musgrave to be more competitive in today’s market.”

“Thermo King Spectrum units bring low lifecycle cost, fuel efficiency and ease-of-use, which together with low emissions yet high performance and an extensive service program, were the features that Musgrave was looking for,” said Laurent Debias, product management leader at Thermo King. “We are pleased that Musgrave chose Thermo King systems and services to contribute to their fleet modernisation efforts.”

Thermo King T1000 Spectrum truck refrigeration units are equipped with the new range of GreenTech™ engines that reduce emissions, waste and noise pollution, exceeding all known requirements, including the most stringent European Union (EU) standards.

The T1000 Spectrum units selected by Musgrave feature the Whisper option, which enables them to be very flexible and deliver in the early morning as well as late evening deliveries in urban, noise-sensitive areas. This not only creates a great operational advantage resulting also in fuel savings due to lower traffic congestion at those times, but contributes to relieving traffic congestion during the day, improving road safety and limiting noise emitted by transportation – factors appreciated by the residents of urban areas.

Additionally, Musgrave also selected optional door switches that minimize temperature fluctuations during multiple delivery drops by automatically switching off the unit each time the doors are opened. This, coupled with Thermo King Data Acquisition System (DAS), a secure, totally independent temperature recorder that keeps a precise record of cargo temperatures from the time the cargo is loaded to final delivery, gives the customer peace of mind that their product is being kept within the right temperature range at all times.

Finally, an additional fuel tank enables the customer to save money by not using the more expensive road diesel to power the refrigeration unit and rear controller provides increased productivity by enabling the loaders to set the unit up without leaving the loading bay area.

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