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Thermo King Corporation, was founded in 1938, is based in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington, Minnesota and a unit of Ingersoll Rand Company Limited. Thermo King currently has nine plants in six countries and is a manufacturer of transport temperature control systems for trucks, trailers, shipboard containers and railway cars as well as HVAC systems for bus, shuttle and passenger rail applications. Thermo King also manufactures the “TriPac” hybrid auxiliary idle reduction and temperature management system for truck cabs.

The global network of Thermo King provides service almost anywhere in the world. Thermo King offers service at every crossroads and in every port. Thermo King supports a parts and distribution system that can deliver any of 20,000 parts, anywhere in the world, overnight.

Thermo King Unit
Thermo King Unit

1938, Joseph Numero and Frederick Jones patent the first transport refrigeration unit, the “Model A,”. This landmark invention ushered in the era of frozen foods, large supermarkets and the delivery of fresh produce nationwide.
1942, Frederick Jones developed the first portable refrigeration units for troops stationed overseas in World War II.
1955, development of the first air conditioning unit for passenger buses, allowing patrons to travel with comfort, even during the hottest months of the year.
1956, Thermo King built the first container refrigeration unit and ushered in the era of frozen foods, large supermarkets and the restaurant industry. The marine reefer unit opened up endless possibilities for fresh and frozen produce transport throughout the world giving consumers accessibility to fresh and exotic food through all seasons.
1958, The introduction of diesel engines in refrigerated units extended engine life compared to gas-powered units. This allowed for greater savings in engine maintenance and replacement and fed the rapidly growing long-haul trucking industry.
1992, launch of the first successful microprocessor controller, the ThermoGard MP-IV. This allowed the driver to more precisely manage the temperature of valuable loads with an easy-to-use interface. Thermo King also introduced a silent cryogenic single and multi-temperature control system. Powered by carbon dioxide, the truck temperature control system provides powerful and accurate cooling capacity without noise or pollution of the atmosphere.
1997, Ingersoll Rand, looking to enter the climate control marketplace, acquired Thermo King.
2003, Thermo King introduced the MAGNUM reefer unit, the only reefer unit on the market that maintains a -35 degrees C (-31 degrees F) set point. The MAGNUM guarantees that deep-frozen cargo will stay frozen even in 50 degree C ambient conditions.
2005, Thermo King enters the auxiliary power unit market with the acquisition of TriPac, a product that reduces tractor idling time and keeps drivers comfortable in sleeper cabs.
2007, launch of the new SLX trailer refrigeration range in what is being dubbed as the most important event in the company’s history. The SLX directly responds to customer needs for maximum performance, minimal environmental impact and low cost of ownership.
2009, introduction of the T-series, the new world standard in temperature control for trucks. The T-series contributes to greater fuel savings and lower lifecycle costs. This advanced technology is also easier for the driver to operate and maintain. The T-series sets new benchmarks to reduce emissions, waste and noise pollution.
2010, launch of the CryoTech refrigerated transport unit. This industry benchmark uses liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) as a substitute for diesel fuel. CryoTech increases energy efficiency and reduces emissions and noise pollution.

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