Ticasa B.V., Delta-Industrieweg 17, 3251 LX Stellendam, The Netherlands

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About Ticasa B.V.

IQF Frozen Fish & Seafood Wholesaler. Your Worldwide Partner in Frozen Exotic Fish & Food Products.
Ticasa B.V. has a wide Assortment of Frozen, Dried, Salted & Smoked Exotic Fish & Food that we sell under our PERFIT brand to our customers all over Europe.

TICASA is a company with a very wide assortment of exotic fish and food. Our assortment is continuously adapted to the wishes of our customers. Supplying our customers A-quality products at competitive prices is our mission. We import our fish from all parts of the world and keep this in stock in our EU approved facility in Stellendam, Holland. Here we have our own Coldstore, Warehouse and Fish Processing Factory. The TICASA product is internationally recognizable and well known by our brand name PERFIT. The PERFIT brand stands for a constant A-quality product. To achieve this, we have established long-term relationships with our customers and worldwide suppliers.

Ticasa B.V. Products:

• IQF Frozen Fish (Anchovy, Barracuda, Black Tilapia, Butterfish, Catfish, Cavalli, Chooperai, Croaker, Yellow Corvina, Denton, Emperor, Grouper, Hake, Horse Mackerel, Indian Mackerel, Kandratikie, Kingfish, King Mackerel, Kwie Kwie, Ladyfish, Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Mboto, Milkfish, Moonfish, Needle Fish, Pangasius, Ponyfish, Rabbitfish, Ray Wing, Red Grouper, Red Mullet, Red Snapper, Red Tilapia, Ribbonfish, River Croaker, Sardine, Shark, Sole, Trevally, Tuna)
• IQF Frozen Seafood (Black Tiger Shrimp, Blue Swimmer Crab, Brown Shrimp, Crab, Shrimp Vannamei, Squid)


Delta-Industrieweg 17,
3251 LX Stellendam,
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31(0)187 497511
Fax: +31(0)187 497512

E-mail: sales@ticasa.nl
Website: www.ticasa.nl