TWI Foods Inc., 40 Shaft Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 4M2, Canada

TWI Foods Inc., 40 Shaft Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 4M2, Canada

About TWI Foods Inc.

Frozen Flatbread Manufacturer. Founded in 1997, TWI Foods Inc. (Crispy) began small, as a specialized production facility for cake rusk, tea toast and baked goods with a distinct South Asian flair. In a highly saturated market, there was something special about TWI that let it thrive where many of its competitors did not. The power source was the man at its helm – Ali. He had a plan in mind that drove him to push the company to where it is today. He created a dedicated team that matched his drive for growth in the market without sacrificing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Over the years the team has grown and developed to match TWI’s impressive growth, but the main objective has never changed: delivering high quality, affordable goods to customers in the most efficient way possible. This driving force has proven to be highly effective, garnering TWI loyal customers, not only in Canada, but across international borders, reaching US, UK, UAE, Europe and Australia, to name a few.

With this growth came the demand for new processes and products. TWI is at the cutting edge of developing and acquiring state of the art baking technology to match customer demand as well as having the ability to offer new products. Product innovation and quality assurance are a huge factor in TWI’s daily functions and new products are being tested constantly. With this innovation, even stronger international quality standards are in place to ensure every product adheres to our strict guidelines, ensuring uniform excellence across all product categories.

The result of this determination is quite evident. Crispy’s old favorites – its pistachio, almond and cashew cookies, have been joined by a delectable new variety of flavors, including the newly released strawberry and chocolate checkered cookies. The traditional Crispy Stone Baked Tandoori Naan has seen fresh new variants like Roghni and Garlic developed due to popular demand. TWI has blossomed from an idea in 1997 to a company that is being widely recognized by organizations such as the ‘Profit 500 List’ and Delliote’s Best Managed Companies. This is due to the fact that amidst all of the change, some things remained constant. Ali’s unwavering belief in quality and customer loyalty drove him to ensure that TWI always strived for the best in all aspects of production, no matter how many products that includes. In fact, the immense popularity of brand Crispy across global markets, only serves to reaffirm its resolve to achieve, and if possible to exceed, the highest international standards in product quality.

TWI Foods Inc. products:

• Frozen Flatbread (Naan, White Naan, Whole Wheat Naan)

Address Corporate Office:

40 Shaft Rd,
Etobicoke, ON M9W 4M2,

Telephone: (+1) 647 775 1400