VéDéCar, Merksplas, Belgium

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About VéDéCar

European specialist in isothermal construction. Van Dijck Merksplas is one of the largest manufacturers of refrigerated and deep-freeze bodies for trucks, semitrailers and trailers in Europe, better known under the name VéDéCar. This high-quality product is produced in their own factories and has the highest insulation value on the market. On a European level, the company is the market leader in specialised productions and has an entire network of local representatives.

VéDéCar Products & Services

• Distribution vehicles
• Refrigerated Semi-Trailers
• Multi-temperature bodies
• Air freight trailers


Kerkstraat 16
2330 Merksplas

Telephone: +32 14 63 46 41
Fax: +32 14 63 50 64

E-mail: info@vedecar.be
Website: www.vedecar.be